True Facade is a video marketing agency that provides a strategic brand enhancement service resulting in video products that distinguish your company by highlighting not only what you do, but how you do it and why. We discover your authentic story and expertly frame it to prove your specific worth to your market.


Research and Development

Extensive research into your company’s products and services, culture, competitive advantages, history, current climate, and future growth potential

Video Production

On camera interviews with key leadership and staff in your company, B-roll footage of your business’ day to day operations and aerial footage of your buildings, locations, and operations

Video Editing

The editing room is where your story is written. We perfect your message, layer in stunning visuals, create the perfect mood with licensed music, and integrate your branding precisely

Client Representation/Communication

We represent our clients not only through the stories we tell, but also in person any time we are producing testimonial campaigns or working with your staff. We guarantee accuracy, professionalism, and an emotional intelligence that will exceed your expectations. 

In-House Video Consultation

We will share content and practices with in-house video departments for future use if applicable

Value Proposition

True Facade’s video products result directly in Brand Enhancement, Client Growth, Culture Clarity, Employee Acquisition/Retention, and Heightened Business Communication for medium to large companies.



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