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True Facade Pictures is a film and video production agency specializing in documentary and non-scripted entertainment. With a background in branded entertainment and celebrity endorsement marketing, True Facade marries a keen sense of business with a deep passion for story. Our mission is to bring true stories to the height of their impact and to engage, inform, and entertain audiences seeking the truth about the human condition in the 21st Century.

lisa kelly cover
08 Mar 0 Comment

Lisa Kelly

Ice Road Truckers star, Lisa Kelly takes flight with a Blue Angels Navy pilot.

When your everyday job is a gripping as driving a semi through the Alaskan tundra, you need to up the stakes when it comes to thrill-seeking. IRT veteran, Lisa Kelly defies death in a whole new way onboard an F18 Blue Angels Navy Jet. Her pilot talks her through the breathing techniques required to withstand 700 pounds of pressure as she soars through the skies at Mach 1, and tries not to pass out.

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