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True Facade Pictures is a film and video production agency specializing in documentary and non-scripted entertainment. With a background in branded entertainment and celebrity endorsement marketing, True Facade marries a keen sense of business with a deep passion for story. Our mission is to bring true stories to the height of their impact and to engage, inform, and entertain audiences seeking the truth about the human condition in the 21st Century.

chrome hunters
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Chrome Hunters

Log Line

Every American classic car comes with a classic American story, and the crew at Unique Garage find, fix and flip more classic cars than anyone else in the business.

Short Summary

Jeremy Thomas and his crew at Unique Garage in MN flip over 50 American Classic cars every month, world-wide. From dusty old barns to the finest mint collections in the world, this crazy cast of characters search high and low for classics with great stories. No matter what it takes, these guys work together to find, fix, buy, and sell these relics of American History and keep their legacies alive.

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